EnterMedia 2023 Magic Sing E5 WiFi Streaming Karaoke Mic System

  • $449.00

  • FREE 5145 Tagalog / English Builtin songs to be accessed when WIFI not available.
  • 12000 POP English songs on Magic Sing music streaming server (NO subscription needed)
  • 24 MONTH Subscription Card* included for 300,000+ English and International songs ( English, Tagalog, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Spanish, Vietnamese, Germany, Russian, Thai & more) via MagicSing Karaoke app.
  • Songs updated weekly
  • 12,000+ English songs
    40,000+ Korean songs
    16,500+ Filipino songs
    16,000+ Spanish songs 
    25,000+ Vietnamese songs
    34,000+ Japanese songs
    30,000+ Mandarin songs
    16,000+ Hindi songs 
    13,000+ Bengali songs 
    11,000+ German songs 
    17,000+ Thai songs
    12,000+ Russian songs 
    13,000+ Turkish songs
    12,000+ Mongolian songs

WiFi – Connect to WiFi and stream 12,000+ English/American songs (Subscription is NOT required to access the 12,000+ English/American Songs) 
UPDATES - New songs are updated weekly for all MagicSing Karaoke users
INCLUDES - Two (2) wireless microphones
REAL-TIME MUSIC NOTES – Real-time music notes are available for most songs with full HD background support
SEARCH SONGS WHILE SINGING – Search and reserve songs while singing by Title, Artist and Lyrics

SUPPORT – Full HD, HDTV, Extra microphone port, USB flash drive, Micro SD card support and multi-language compatible
CUSTOMIZABLE - Customize background display, melody, tone, echo, tempo and other karaoke functions
SCORE SYSTEM - Watch your score rise as you sing your favorite song
MagicSing Karaoke App
MAGICSING APP – Download the free MagicSing Karaoke app from the Google Play store or the Apple app store
SUBSCRIBE - Subscribe to the MagicSing Karaoke app and access additional 220,000 songs in Tagalog, Hindi, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian, Germany & more!  
CONNECT - Use the MagicSing Karaoke app to scan the QR code displayed on your TV to connect the devices
QUEUE - Pick and choose songs on the app or TV while singing your favorite songs


Items included
2 wireless Microphones
TWO Year Subscription Card
110/240V AC power adapter
Base Console
Song Book
Carrying Bag
HDTV cable
RCA stereo cable
Remote Control
Quick Guide